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credit: wondergirls official youtube

This is from the wondergirls’ youtube channel, it shows 2PM telling you to support the Wondergirls, in order to take part in a SPECIAL EVENT.

Hint: Be a fan of the WONDERGIRLS on Facebook or Myspace NOW!

Though probably the only ‘special’ thing is that it’s for US-fans only.. 😦


Sunye and Yoobin looking at FANMADE PHOTOBOOK!

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reading spectacle's photobook!

reading spectacle's photobook!

Caption: Sunye and Yoobin are excited looking at the fan book american fans made for them. Yoobin is happy her picture came out good.



This is great, they received our stuff..! I hope they read through every one of our messages.. haha. and i really hope that there would be MORE NEWS REGARDING THIS PHOTOBOOK!
It’s really a compilation of wonderfuls’ love…!

The only thing i’m not too happy about is..
Omg… there are non-US fans like ME!!

ahhh… κ΄œμ°¬λ‚˜μš”..
I’m just content that they have received it and read it anyway πŸ˜€

Personal Update..

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Hi guys… I’d just like to say sorry, I havent been posting at all in the past two months.. was busy with school and stuff, and it’s the final year, so I have to try my best..

But there’ll be a little break soon, and I’ll do my best in trying to update with whatever information I can find. News on the Wondergirls are mostly concert related now, so yeah, I’ll see what I can do!

Thanks to all the people who helped me update this wordpress, THANK YOU!!

Right now I’m pretty excited, because Apple managed to get hold of a computer and share her thailand experience.. Unbelievable, haha. I’m getting all fanboy-ish now, I really wanted to go thailand!

But for now, let’s follow apple at sunmijjang.wordpress for her fan accounts!

Please continue to visit MINSEONYE.WORDPRESS, Let’s try to promote the Wonder Girls!

[Info] Vote For Sunye For Best Leader on Daum

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Vote For Min SunYe


Vote For Min SunYe

[Photos] Sunye @Fan Meeting 090107

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