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Popular Singapore Blogger Parody of Nobody – Wash Your Hands Too (H1N1 Virus)

Posted in Wonder Girls with tags , on May 27, 2009 by shanquan

Ok, I wouldn’t exactly use the word parody, but.. I cant find the word which i want to use to express myself…!

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Comment from the YT page:
WGChristine (9 minutes ago)
WTF , use other video man not WG’s -.-

my sentiments exactly -,-
I dont think the video was done with the best interests of WG’s image at all. ( I mean, sure, the re-done lyrics were supposed to be funny, but..whoever made the video..)
the song as well.

But I must emphasize that mrbrownshow have done some funny shows before, so don’t say I’m a hater or anything..!

It’s just that i found the parody a bit.. distasteful.
edit: maybe distasteful is too wrong a word to use, but.. GAHH.



Posted in Dance Cover with tags , , on December 26, 2008 by shanquan

i’m an FT Island fan too.. dont be suprised if you see stuff like this coming out xP

the nobody dance clips are hilarious..

081101 Hongki’s “Nobody” Dance Cut @ Star King

081111 Hongki – Minhwan’s Birthday Party – Nobody Dance Cut

081120 FT Island – Nobody Dance Cut – Idol Army Season 2 Epi 6
I think Hongki is a Wondergirls fan.. he’s the only guy who can do it in FTI! xD
Wonbin & Jaejin dance here too.

[PICTURE] HQ Pictures Of Sun Ye @ MBC ESPN Awards

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