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credit: wondergirls official youtube

This is from the wondergirls’ youtube channel, it shows 2PM telling you to support the Wondergirls, in order to take part in a SPECIAL EVENT.

Hint: Be a fan of the WONDERGIRLS on Facebook or Myspace NOW!

Though probably the only ‘special’ thing is that it’s for US-fans only.. 😦



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JYP/Wonder Girls 2009 Tour – WIN A $150 TICKET FOR 2009 JYP/WG TOUR!
picture credit: juicebox@spectacle

A contest where you can do what you do best!

Just Examples!:
– Do a cover of one of the Wonder Girls Songs – Create a wonderful wallpaper with your photoshop skills
– Rewrite lyrics from a song and make it WG themed
– Hand sketch any/all the Wonder Girls
– Do a video of you dancing to one of there choreography

These are just general ideas! But do something that your accessible too and that you specialize in. If there’s something else you think is creative that you can do, that’s not listed then do so.

The month of December will be for LA, and Janurary will be for the NYC.

– Contest has started as of 2008.11.22 11:00am PST
– Deadline December 22nd (MAYBE extended due to holidays) – No spamming the forum. If caught you will be disqualified and your IP will be banned
– Yes you can enter the contest for both. But do know if you win the first contest, you will get an LA ticket, etc.
– Deadline must be met. No exception, no excuses.
– ONLY ONE entry per person. So make sure what you doing is what you think is best.
– Turn in all entries by PM. When turning in remember to click “Add a copy of this message to my sent items folder”.
– The day after deadline I will post all the s/ns of those who have turned in an entry.
If you do not see yours listed, you will have to prove (by above) that you did sent it in before the deadline.

1st Prize Winner will get the $150 ticket to the show. There are seating and sitting areas for the price. I’ll buy whatever is available @ purchase, Seating tickets will be priority of course.

2nd and 3rd prizes TBD.

IMPORTANT NOTE I’m doing this contest out of my own money. No other person in spectacle is chipping in for the ticket. I’m working two jobs from 9am to 9pm just to make this happen. I know not everyone has a job or is fortunate to go. I don’t make much at my job. So I’m actualy sacrificing lunch, going out, black friday, and buying stuff until march to make this happen. As I learned from the Wonder Girls you have to stay humble no matter what position you are in or where you are in life. Generosity knows no strangers. This is my way of showing thanks to Wonderfuls from not only in US but internationally for always cheering on the Wonder Girls no matter what happens to them. Think big, Do big, Win big!

Side notes/ideas incubating
– Confirmed Judges are me and coolsmurf. More judges will be announced as found.
– A voting poll may be up. People who have 50+ posts are only allowed to vote
– 1st prize maybe exchanged (if available/exchangeable because I might end up buying the $150 ticket in advance) to two $80 tickets. But if the majority wants two $80 ticket then it maybe changed.
– Please if you just joined spectacle for the contest, do your best to go around and be active. Introduce yourself and chat. We don’t bite =)
– NYC ticket will be for January once again. It will be once again a $150 ticket depending if it’s available at the time I get paid for the purchase.

This is an on-going competition by igotballz at spectacle, go visit if you have the time. He hopes to let more fans be able to see the Wondergirls live in concert, so do participate if you can!
Doing an advertisement for him, he’s going a great thing for all the wonderfuls out there. Makes you appreciate the fans that the wondergirls have!

Visit WGSPECTACLE for more info!