[Photo] Sunye’s Selca

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Sunye’s message to Wonderfuls (2009.03.30)

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sunyes message

sunye's message

Wonderfuls that I love.. Thanks to your passionate love, interest, and cheers..!! The 1st Wonder, our first concert, was finished smoothly.
Truthfully, I still can’t believe it… haha… We just had a con..ce..rt, right?!! ^^
hahahaha.. The fact that we had a concert.. really.. We, having a career as singers, find it very meaningful and can’t explain how amazing that is..
Since our debut, we were really happy every moment hearing your chants while performing, but a concert.. somehow something was different!! haha. Because of your heat and continuous loud cheers, we didn’t get tired, and even as two hours passed by, were were able to go through it… Thank you so much for making every minute and every second memorable and unforgettable.. ^^
We actually decided to have the concert at Pensing(?) Stadium.. and I was worried whether or not we could fill up so many seats.. so to the people that came to see us.. it was a really unforgettable day.. to make the memories last a lifetime.. there were a lot of hardships along the way, but I think that’s why we were able to prepare and get ready with more energy..
Instead of always going a easy, wide, and flat path… going in a difficult, narrow, and bumpy path was more touching when we reached the destination.. and I think the value and worth was more honestly felt…
And that’s why I’m always thankful to God because He leads us to a wide path instead of a narrow one…
How great the power of the affirmation, “I can do it” is.. The way it helps me realize every time I feel like I’m going to faint/fall.. is only to be thankful for..
On March 28th, 2009, at Pensing(?) Stadium… thinking that people I love gathered together felt unbelievably like my heart was going to explode..
To everyone that always makes us precious memories and having faith in us… I really appreciate it..
I sincerely hope that on March 28th, 2009, it was not only ours, but everyone’s unforgettable day… ^^
I think love really shines the most and warmth is felt when it is expressed. I feel that as we receive your love/support, the only thing we can do for you is go to a bigger stage with our music..
I’m not alone.. we, 5 members, aren’t alone.. but my wish is to become one with you and always be able to smile together ^^
I love you Wonderfuls… ^^

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[NEWS] Min Seonye First International English Forum

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The First English Forum For Min Seonye, Our Leader, Is Here.
Visit here: http://www.leadermin.com/forums/

[Info] Wonder Girls Moving to NEW YORK on 1st April

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Wonder Girls

will be arriving

at JFK Airport

at 8pm

on 1st April 2009

Reason: To makes the girls feel welcome to their new home

PLEASE PM Dorkiee at Soompi or Spectacle forums to confirm if you’re going to welcome the girls at the airport.


Wonder Girls’ Concert @ The Wiltern Theatre , 5th March!

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Some caps from the Wonder Girls’ concert at The Wiltern Theatre on 5th March!
Taken from Ningin! Thought i’d save you guys the trouble of having to search for all the photos, and Ningin has decent HQ shots!

Here are some photos ๐Ÿ˜€

sunye and sunmi!

Note: Almost all the photos are Wonder Girls related. I didnt upload the photos of JYP etc.

– WG at The Wiltern Theatre Download –
File size: 19.51 MB

Wonder Girls So Hot MV on CNN(?)

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I chanced upon this at wonderholic.com, and I couldnt believe it!

haha. what a weird time to air it.

I’m not 100% sure about the validity of the video, but it’s worth a watch! ๐Ÿ˜€

credits: wonderholic , minseonye.wordpress

New Wonder Girls Documentary – Welcome To Wonderland!

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Production of Wonder Girls’ documentary, “Welcome to Wonderland” is drawing the attention of fans.

Mnet cable music channel will reveal the journey of Wonder Girls’ February concert in Thailand, including the performance in LA, the one day concert in Busan and also the 28th Seoul Concert with a documentary titled “Welcome to Wonderland”.

The meetings, dance choreographies and production etc. for the upcoming overseas performances in which JYP and the Wonder Girls will be participating in, will be shown in this documentary. It is a plan to reveal through the camera the whole process from the preparation of the concerts, to everything on the stage.

“Welcome to Wonderland” is a big revealing plan made in the form of combining reality and documentary to show the little things in the daily lives of the members, their faces without make-up and their natural and even more attractive life outside of the stage.

PD Shin Chun Ji of “Welcome to Wonderland” said: “Compared to the shine they have on stage, this is an opportunity to find out how many times more attractive the girls actually are”. “I hope to witness directly through my eyes the reason why Wonder Girls came to be the best girl group.” he expressed his thoughts.

The first broadcast of “Welcome to Wonderland” will be on 6th of March at 6pm.

Article credit to Wonderholic
Translated by dabao@spectacle!


I wish i had cable tv.. it’s airing now and i cant watch.
hearing that sunye is/was sick makes me even more sad!!

With reference to the article.. i really understand what the PD is trying to say.. I remember JYP once said too, charms are an important aspect of a singer.. and I think this show will be able to show that..!

Hope the video comes on the net soon =P