Welcome to the music/mp3 download page!
Here are some mp3s that have been selected by me, and i will upload certain cuts!
stay tuned!
and if you use them somewhere else, please credit, and drop me a message so i know what’s happening.
thank you!

All sound files are cut by me unless otherwise stated.
The dates for the cuts are: yymmdd


Wonder Girls 2007 Christmas Song
Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer I have no idea when this was performed..

Wonder Girls Inkigayo No No No Smoking Song
Wonder Girls No Smoking Song

Radio Cuts
Sohee @ Shim Shim Ta Pa Radio 081030 She says “So..rry.. I Dont.. Know!” in a super cute way xP
Watch THIS to see what happened.

Singapore Radio’s Appearance
Wonder Girls CoolKTime Greeting
credit: iLOVEsunmi

Wonder Girls 1677 Misc Downloads
Sohee Sunmi Sunye Ye Eun Yoo Bin
credit: 1677 for the files


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  1. […] Hi everyone! I’ve uploaded some mp3 files and cuts at the mp3 downloads section, but please check out the download rules section before taking out anything, […]

  2. thank a lot

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