Popular Singapore Blogger Parody of Nobody – Wash Your Hands Too (H1N1 Virus)

Ok, I wouldn’t exactly use the word parody, but.. I cant find the word which i want to use to express myself…!

credit: axis1019@youtube (video) , minseonye.wordpress.com


Comment from the YT page:
WGChristine (9 minutes ago)
WTF , use other video man not WG’s -.-

my sentiments exactly -,-
I dont think the video was done with the best interests of WG’s image at all. ( I mean, sure, the re-done lyrics were supposed to be funny, but..whoever made the video..)
the song as well.

But I must emphasize that mrbrownshow have done some funny shows before, so don’t say I’m a hater or anything..!

It’s just that i found the parody a bit.. distasteful.
edit: maybe distasteful is too wrong a word to use, but.. GAHH.


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