Wonder Girls on MTV IGGY, 10th March

wg mtv iggy!

On that day, the Wonder Girls will have their first LIVE peformance.
10th of March, that’s like TUESDAY.

There’s actually a teaser for this MTV Iggy event, but i don’t seem to be able to embbed it here, so you guys can go find it at the mtviggy website!

Anyway, there were some captions in the teaser that were soo random:

Sunye > Hollywood Hero: Angelina Jolie
Ye Eun > Favourite Food: Cheesecake
Sohee > Favourite Designer: Martin Margiela
Yoobin > Favourite Hip Hop Group: B.E.P
Sunmi > Favourite Superpower: INVISIBILITY.

I wasnt expecting it at all! hilarious, i tell you..

what are you guys waiting for..? If you guys live in the US , go for it.

On a side note, the NEW Wonder Girls’ Documentary – Welcome To Wonderland, airs today! According to the time difference here.. I THINK IT HAS STARTED!!


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