Personal Update..

Hi guys… I’d just like to say sorry, I havent been posting at all in the past two months.. was busy with school and stuff, and it’s the final year, so I have to try my best..

But there’ll be a little break soon, and I’ll do my best in trying to update with whatever information I can find. News on the Wondergirls are mostly concert related now, so yeah, I’ll see what I can do!

Thanks to all the people who helped me update this wordpress, THANK YOU!!

Right now I’m pretty excited, because Apple managed to get hold of a computer and share her thailand experience.. Unbelievable, haha. I’m getting all fanboy-ish now, I really wanted to go thailand!

But for now, let’s follow apple at sunmijjang.wordpress for her fan accounts!

Please continue to visit MINSEONYE.WORDPRESS, Let’s try to promote the Wonder Girls!


2 Responses to “Personal Update..”

  1. it’s ok! all the best for your schoolwork and all yeah? 😀

  2. minmaknae Says:

    dun’t worry!!

    you’re doing a great job!! ^^

    great to see that you’re updating again…ooh I hope you’re gonna be posting sunye captures from the welcome to wonderland first two the way they’re on yt already!!…..

    ohh..and captures from the new peripera video tooo!!..she looks so pretty there!

    thank you!!

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