The command of the Leader!

Winning Digital Music Award & Daesang on 18th Seoul Music Awards

+ a lovely hug (:

credits: loveyoobin @ &


7 Responses to “The command of the Leader!”

  1. Dreamerx33 Says:

    Aww. That YooMin hug was so sweet :]<3

  2. LEADER MIN!<3

  3. sunye<3

  4. haha the second one was powerful.
    yoobin’s like “oh no no no..”
    sunye’s like “YES!”

    i love her.

  5. goddessSunye Says:

    Yoomin is gorgeous!!! i love these couple….

  6. YooMin!!!!!!! ❤
    Hahahaha the second gif is cute! (:

  7. park yu hae Says:

    hehehe yoomin couple is cute…..

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