[NEWS] A Look Into The Wonder Girls: Sun Ye

wgsunyeMin Sun Ye is as you all know her the leader of the Wonder Girls! She was first discovered by JYP Entertainment in 2001 during Park Jin Young’s 99% Challenge project. Sun Ye showed off her singing and dancing talents at the young age of 12 and has trained under JYP Entertainment ever since.

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When the Wonder Girls debuted in 2007, Sun Ye was put under a lot of pressure; during the group’s debut. Many tragic events happened simultaneously: former Wonder Girl Hyun Ah had to leave due to medical issues; So Hee also had a role in the film 뜨거운 것이 좋아 (I Like It Hot) and had suffered injuries while filming. Sun Ye mentioned this was one of the hardest times for the Wonder Girls, but that they would make it through. Fortunately, her fans were by her side to cheer her on, too.

Sun Ye is an exceptional leader. Right when the Wonder Girls first debuted, they were suddenly hit with all sorts of challenges and obstacles, but they all made it through; during those tough times, the Wonder Girls kept it together and performed their best even when they were short two members. Sun Ye is also one of the main vocalists of the girl group. She comes out sounding fantastic in all of her performances, has a strong and powerful voice, and never fails to entertain.

Name: Min Sun Ye

Birthday: August 12, 1989

Duration of Training: 5 Years

Debut: 2001 Park Jin Young’s Challenge of 99%

Favorite Artist(s): Beyonce, Yiruma

Favorite Color: Blue

From composing cute Manwon songs to dancing to the Pussy Cat Dolls and wearing leopard print—and still looking “So Hot” (HA HA! The PUNS! I kill myself!)—this Wonder Girl has gone incredibly far in just two years alone. Good luck to Sun Ye and the Wonder Girls—we see an amazing future!

[Source: Ningin]

[Credits: minseonye.wordpress.com]


One Response to “[NEWS] A Look Into The Wonder Girls: Sun Ye”

  1. GoddessSUNYE Says:

    Min Sunye is the best!!! She’s pretty, kind hearted, hardworking, dedicated & talented!!!! She’s my favorite member of Wonder Girls!!!!!Fighting!

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