[News] Sunye Involved In Car Accident With ‘120 People’

Wonder Girls’ leader, Min SunYe, was the victim of a hit-and-run vehicle incident on Jan. 7. The singer was not in the car at the time and sustained no injuries, however the entire group was late for a scheduled fan meeting by 40 minutes.

According to a JYP Entertainment representative, SunYe was driving in separate vehicle away from the rest of the members in order to stop off somewhere before meeting them at the offices. When she returned to her car, she discovered that it had sustained damage from being hit by another vehicle.

The other members of the Wonder Girls at the management center along with the group’s managers had to pick up SunYe on the way to the fan meeting, leading the entire entourage being late.

Many fans have expressed their relief that the singer was uninjured as they had initially only heard she was involved in a hit-and-run.

There are many netizens claiming that they were the driver in question that had damaged SunYe’s car. Thus leading to headlines that she was involved in a 120-person car accident.

(source: ibtimes)

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2 Responses to “[News] Sunye Involved In Car Accident With ‘120 People’”

  1. omg! I hope that she’s fine! o.o
    who dare to hit-and-run with sunye’s car! >:[[[[

  2. I’m glad Min Jookie is not there… 120 people claiming that their the one who hit the car??amazing popularity..

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