[PICTURE] Sun Ye & Her Cousin



7 Responses to “[PICTURE] Sun Ye & Her Cousin”

  1. kpoplover123 Says:

    probly her friend or cousin… he looks young, leader min likes older men if i’m not mistaken… but they look so cute!

  2. minmaknae Says:


    but they are cute! and she looks happy!

    I think theyd look even cuter if it was G-YE (bias..lol!)

  3. I thing he’s friend or relatives but sunye lovely all the time

  4. latin1ofmany Says:

    it could be her brother…if i’m not mistaken sunye did say she has a brother…maybe that’s him???
    it is a cute picture though..sunye looks happy with her nike bag:)

  5. purrplelover Says:

    if im not mistaken its one of her ‘dongseng’ cousin – mabe the one she mentioned went to beach together before and almost drown r something like that….not sure tho…

  6. i love sunye Says:

    sunye looks pretty with casual clothes…

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