Gif’s/Caps of SunYe @ Music Bank Special Stage



credits to wonderholic +


3 Responses to “Gif’s/Caps of SunYe @ Music Bank Special Stage”

  1. SEXY LEADER <33

    She seemed tired though =[

  2. wonder-love Says:

    Thanks for sharing ❤

    Sunye unnie’s hoottttttt ! Hahahaha ! The special stage was .. woohoo !

    She was really giving the air of a sexy queen . Her confident movements , smooth waves , beautiful voice and accurate pronunciation . She’s everything a WG fan can boast about . ^^


  3. GorgeousSunye Says:

    Sexy Leadah Min!!! Honestly she’s best during that performance!! I only understand her english & her sexy expression..WOW! Hotness!! Min jookie doesnt have to show skin to be sexy!! bcoz she is sexy without being revealing!!

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