Wonder Girls on KBS Immortal Music Classics

Wonder Girls and Jewelry will be participating in an episode of “Immortal Music Classics”, where they will be performing each other’s songs, “One More Time” and “Nobody” respectively.

credit: newsen (original link) , minseonye.wordpress
If someone can help me translate the whole article, thank you!

The episode will be aired on the 28th of December , according to wondergirls.wordpress

Also, ‘So Hot’ will be performed as well if I’m not wrong. Dance steps for the songs will be taught, and the Wondergirls will also be teaching the V-LINE DANCE!!
I miss those days.. haha. I still remember that episode of The Star Show…

The girls have been performing ‘Tell Me’ in their Nobody outfits, but i’ve yet to see ‘So Hot’ since they stopped promoting that song.

Anyone who will be able to watch this episode, go and watch it! I believe there are ways to watch it live via online streaming, you can find more information about that from wondergirls.wordpress!


2 Responses to “Wonder Girls on KBS Immortal Music Classics”

  1. jane_doe11 Says:

    YOU’RE BACK! 🙂

    not that the others didn’t do a great job..but am happy that ure back and we can have more Min Leadah news!

  2. kpoplover123 Says:

    thanks for the update! Leader Min is having her special stage tonight, i can’t wait!!!

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