Sun Ye SendVoice Message 081217

Hyunah~Hello/How are you?
I enjoyed listening to our Hyunah’s one on one message.

First of all, I think Hyunah’s mother is acting that way because she is worried about you and because she loves you. And I think deep inside Hyunah knows her mother’s true feelings more than anyone else.

I also wanted to thank you for liking us, WG unnies, so much.

And the part of your message that made me really happy and feel good was when you said you gained confidence and cultivated your dreams becoming inspired by me, and when you said you wanted to have a counseling session with me. I gain so much strength when I hear young kids like you asking to have a counseling session with me. So thank you.

The way I see it, I feel like Hyunah already has dreams/goals. And during the process in cultivating your dreams, I think that Hyunah’s mother will believe in you and support you in whatever you do when she takes notice of your hard work. When she wants to nags, she’ll say it out of love, not anger.

So unnie can’t really give you a definite solution to your worries, but the most definite suggestion that unnie can give you is that…well, I wish you and your mother would have more time to talk together. because Hyunah’s mom’s really loves you, and Hyunah really loves her mom.

A parent-child relationship is a bond that no one can ever break. A mother is someone who you can confess things to more than a friend. So I wish you would take the time to confess your deepest thoughts to her, because whatever happens, the trust and love that Hyunah and Hyunah’s mom have will overflow. And whatever you do, you can always count on one another. So when you ever feel upset, I don’t think your mom will get mad.

I hope Hyunah has a serious talk with her mom. And also since your going through puberty right now, a lot of things will be happening in school. Talking about those kinds of things with your friends is good, but I really hope you have many honest talks with your mother, because although she is your mother, she will listen to you as if she were your best friend.

And please send this message to your mother
please like our Nobody song~

Thank you for calling me. Always stay healthy. Be careful of catching a cold. And I hope you become a nice daughter who listens to their mom. Thank You!

go to Wonder Girls Wonderland for the download link to this ^.^

credits to Wonder Girls Wonderland +


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