FreeStyle Photoshoot

credits: wonderholic + minseonye



credits: wonderholic + minseonye


4 Responses to “FreeStyle Photoshoot”

  1. eeek

    im here to support you~!
    woot woot! lol

    ahh minmaknae is so cute ><
    but but… 0_o at the ear muffs lol d:

  2. why oh why the mufflers!!!!!

    NOOO!!!! theyre forcing our fashionable minmakne to wear mufflers! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! ill save you!!!!!!!!

    they should have kept it at the bob, ultra sleek and elegant…

  3. haha sun ye looks cool in the 2nd picture ^^

  4. ILOVESunye Says:

    they look cute in pink….i want to play freestyle bcoz of these..

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