Sun Ye Picture Spam + Download


picture spam!! ^.^


i’m so sorry i know that this will totally cause all of your computers to lag T.T i’ll try to post a download link to these pictures soon @.@ meanwhile…note that some of the pictures are gif’s…you have to click on them in order for them to “move” ^.^

i’m sorry if i post the same picture twice T.T

credits to daum +


5 Responses to “Sun Ye Picture Spam + Download”

  1. wondergirls4ever_94 Says:

    thank you! leader min is so pretty… she’s cute, mature, sexy, kind, charismatic, i can’t explain in words how wonderful she is! SUNYE FIGHTING!!!

  2. sowhatilikegirlbands Says:

    thanks for the pics..sunye-ah,you’re really pretty

    leader with long hair is pretty but i like her ‘so hot’ hair more.makes her look cute+sexy+mature.

  3. woah thanks for sharing!
    sun ye is awesome!

  4. waah haha loving leader Min <333 she so gorgeous

  5. ILOVESunye Says:

    she looks like barbie doll when her hair is long….she’s cuter when her hair is short!

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