[PICTURES] 2YE Moments

Some pictures of 2YE ; Seon Ye & Ye Eun


5 Responses to “[PICTURES] 2YE Moments”

  1. yay!! my fav couple!!
    they have such a precious relationship

  2. purrplelover Says:

    seeing this pics, i kinda miss sunye’s long hair – hope her hairs grow back longer quickly ^_^ (sorry for the randomness)

  3. Jane_doe11 Says:

    you’re not alone!…I want her hair to grow back too..and I want her to color it back to the brown that she had earlier!..ooh, and she should get a lot of layers!!!!!

    haha…please JYP stylists let Min Leader have her hair back!!

  4. lol sunye was the one who decided to cut her hair….but yeah i’m missing it too…. i want her hair from thailand trip back.

  5. ILOVESunye Says:

    2 ye is LOVE!!! i love min sunye long hair..she looks like a goddess!!!

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