[PICTURE] Sun Ye Writing In Chinese???

Came across these picture , min sunye autographed in chinese to china fans! LOL!

I am so not jealous of them! ^^


Credit: wgcn


6 Responses to “[PICTURE] Sun Ye Writing In Chinese???”

  1. haha..leader is such a sweetheart..

  2. her chinese is really good…apparently

  3. wondergirls4ever_94 Says:

    wow, she’s so sweet! i wonder when they will come to taiwan… or debut in taiwan, a chinese version of wonder girls is very silly since they’ve worked so hard to speak in chinese…

  4. Jane_doe11 Says:

    it is really good..and I heard that she and yeeun are the favorite amongst the chinese fans…in fact SUNYE has a chinese cyworld page.

  5. ILOVESunye Says:

    she has cyworld china…her chinese is better..

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