Wonder Girls’ Official Youtube Channel(?)

Came across this small paragraph at wondergirls.wordpress where it stated that a new youtube channel just for the Wonder Girls has been made. It should be the official one if i’m not wrong.


“Fresh off the success of producing Asian pop superstar, Rain, legendary Korean artist/producer Jin-Young Park (JYP) jumped into his next major project, his first ever girl group — the Wonder Girls.

Carefully selected and specially trained under his highly disciplined, highly effective, JYP Entertainment system, the multi-talented Wonder Girls debuted in February 2007 with their mini-album, The Wonder Begins. Thanks to their smash hit song, the catchy hip-hop dance track, Irony, the Wonder Girls immediately made their mark on the K-Pop scene as new artists to watch.

But with the September 2007 release of their first studio album, The Wonder Years, the Wonder Girls broke out big time with their breakthrough, chart-topping single, Tell Me. Fueled by a retro electro 80s vibe, Tell Me sparked a nationwide Wonder Girls craze that had fans of all ages and from all walks of life — students, stewardesses, policemen, pro athletes, celebrities, drag queens — creating thousands of viral Tell Me dance videos.
Emerging as one of Koreas best-selling and most popular acts of 2007/2008, the Wonder Girls have been embraced as the nations sweet little sisters. And with their high-profile forays into acting, modeling, and TV show hosting, the Wonder Girls are now widely regarded as Korea’s top female K-Pop group.

Setting their sights internationally in 2008/2009, the Wonder Girls are prepping to bring their wonderful, wonderland adventures across Asia and into America.

Are you prepared?”

America.. I hope it goes well..!


One Response to “Wonder Girls’ Official Youtube Channel(?)”

  1. Dreamerx33 Says:

    So do I! I’ve been to their channel! I love all their making the M/v videos haha. x]
    They must’ve had lots of fun making each of them :]

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