Wonder Girls win best Dresser Award 2008 + Other News; Yoobin as a DJ

The girls won the Best Dresser Award 2008 for the Singer category, followed by singer So Ho Young!
The event was held today at the Hyatt Hotel in Seoul.


They’re all very pretty.. haha. I wish i could meet them in person~~
Sunye’s outift looks weird =.= They should have just worn their Nobody beige/gold outfits, they’re nicer.. hahaha!

I wish sunmi wore more clothes though. She’s so thin yet she she wore such a small dress.. i bet it was friggin cold. SUNMI, WEAR BETTER CLOTHES!!!

credit: newsen , mydaily , kimyoobin.wordpress

Also, in case you didnt know, Yoobin will be taking over as the main DJ for the ten ten radio club tonight, together with another korean singer. 2PM will be the special guest for that night.

Information credit: wonderholic


5 Responses to “Wonder Girls win best Dresser Award 2008 + Other News; Yoobin as a DJ”

  1. MinMaknae Says:

    MinJookie walks the ramp!!!!..kawaii!

    wish they had given her something less experimental to wear! 😦

  2. yeah

    sunye is very pretty but that outfit is kinda hard to pull off

    its okay though..she has like a gazillion other pretty pics

  3. hahaha…they were all so shy for the catwalk thingy…lol lol lol
    they all looked beautiful…Sunye lost some weight…aish..take care of yourself leader!

  4. anonymousxgook Says:

    sohee looks like a angel,as well as the other girls…

  5. ILOVESunye Says:


    i agree.. she seems lost a lot of weight lately…but she getting prettier each day!!!!

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