Sunye & Ye Eun @ Noon Hope Radio

I found the video at wonderholic, and it was an ENGLISH SONG!

I didnt understand the korean title at wonderholic,but thank goodness boo uploaded it @ her youtube 😀

yay. anyway i’ll be uploading the video (it’s LQ, sorry, got it from daum.) soon! UPLOADED! Scroll down for download link, or visit the video download page.
If you look at the beginning, you can see sunmi resting/sleeping.. hahaha. so cute!

here’s the video stream!

Sun Ye & Ye Eun – His Eye Is on the Sparrow @ Noon Hope Music 081205

credit: , booloveswondergirls@youtube (video and title translation!)


5 Responses to “Sunye & Ye Eun @ Noon Hope Radio”

  1. MinMaknae Says:

    I saw this video…2ye was amazing!

    2ye jjang!

  2. Great to find out that theres also a website on SunYe!!!

  3. 2ye ftw!

  4. SUNYE!!!!!!! Says:

    good stuffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. ILOVESunye Says:

    2ye!! love these two.

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