Wonder Bakery Episode 4 Gifs (5) +1

Here are 5 gifs from wonder bakery episode 4. I just watched it, and it’s SOO FUNNY!
The GIFS are mostly sohee cause she got a lot of screen time. But it’s alright, cause she’s rarely that active!
She was so attentive in episode 3 and 4, haha~

My GIFS for Wonder Bakery will always come out one week late… Cause i always wait for the subbed version to come out =_=
The filesizes are quite big too, but they’re for keeps, right?
Anyways, Hope you like them πŸ˜€

There’s one GIF of yoobin eating the strawberry.. those who watched the episode will know what i mean. she’s too cute. haha!
As usual, click on the pictures for the full size reso! πŸ™‚

yoobin.. sneaky!!

Wonder Bakery Episode 4 GIFs
I have put all 5 pictures into a rar file, and it’s like.. 15MB =.=
Sorry if it lags your computer!

Found this GIF on soompi, it’s by kazaf10, kenny:
2sun moment. weee~
so sweet!
credit: kimyoobin.wordpress (his domain)


One Response to “Wonder Bakery Episode 4 Gifs (5) +1”

  1. 2 sun is cute!!! min jookie looks like a mother to alien sunmi,,lol

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