Wonder Girls To Tour With The Jonas Brothers

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wondergirls_572“The Wonder Girls will be touring the US and opening for the Jonas Brothers this summer – that’s a ton of exposure for the Wonder Girls here in the states! Stay tuned for an exclusive sneak peak at the Wonder Girls’ English version of “Nobody” only on allkpop!”

Also, make sure to check out the brand new OFFICIAL WONDER GIRLS WEBSITE! Once it goes 100% live the site will have all of the latest and exclusive news on the Wonder Girls.

Sat, 06/27/09 @ 07:00 p.m. Rose Garden Portland, OR

Sun, 06/28/09 @ 07:00 p.m. Tacoma Dome Tacoma, WA

Mon, 06/29/09 @ 07:00 p.m. General Motors Place Vancouver, BC

Tue, 06/30/09 @ 07:00 p.m. General Motors Place Vancouver, BC

Fri, 07/10/09 @ 07:30 p.m. Allstate Arena Rosemont, IL

Sat, 07/11/09 @ 07:30 p.m. Allstate Arena Rosemont, IL

Sun, 07/19/09 @ 08:00 p.m. Nassau Coliseum Uniondale, NY

Mon, 07/20/09 @ 07:30 p.m. Nassau Coliseum Uniondale, NY

Tue, 07/21/09 @ 07:30 p.m. Nassau Coliseum Uniondale, NY

Fri, 08/07/09 @ 07:30 p.m. STAPLES Center Los Angeles, CA

Sat, 08/08/09 @ 07:30 p.m. STAPLES Center Los Angeles, CA

Sun, 08/09/09 @ 07:30 p.m. STAPLES Center Los Angeles, CA

Sat, 08/22/09 @ 07:00 p.m. Philips Arena Atlanta, GA

credit: allkpop.com


Can’t believe what I’m seeing, but there you go.
I think the girls’ popularity will just soar from here on.

Don’t forget to check out wondergirlsworld.com!
An official website, let’s see what they have in store for us 😀

FT Island Showcase In Singapore Next Month, Wonder Girls To Come Again?

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– Only 800 Tickets Up For Grabs!-

Despite the economy downturn, Korean 5-member band, FT Island, will be here in Singapore for a showcase next month as requested by local fans.

Ever since the Korean Pop Night Concert was held late last year, there wasn’t any performance by Korean artistes here in Singapore.

However, there are still many K-pop supporters around and due to the request of many fans, local entertainment company, Datzentertainment, invited Korean band, FT Island, here in Singapore to do a showcase.

The tickets are not selling just yet, but the organizer has already received several phonecalls from local and overseas fans.

According to the organizer, FT Island’s debut performance in Singapore will be held on 26th June at Dragonfly.

Though the tickets are for sale, due to space limitations, the organizer will only be selling 800 tickets, priced at SGD$100 each.

Person-in-charge commented that, “The current economy is bad and most of the fans belong to the younger age group, therefore we did not price the tickets too high.”

As to why FT Island was invited to Singapore, she explained that, “Local fans have been looking for organizers who can bring the band in to Singapore. We are just answering their requests and so far the response has been good.”

Though tickets are only on sale starting this Saturday (30th May), the organizer has already received several enquiry phonecalls from local and overseas fans.
Many overseas fans are worried that they cannot get the tickets as there are only 800 tickets for sale.

“The pressure is big because this is not only FT Island’s debut perfomarnce in Singapore, it is also our first time bringing in Korean artistes in to Singapore for performance. If the response is good, we might even consider bringing in Wonder Girls, SS501, or other Korean artistes to Singapore for performance.”

FT Island consists of 5 members, ranging from 17 to 19 years of age.
Since their debut in 2007, they have been receiving lots of attention from the music industry. Members include team leader Choi Jonghun, Lee Hongki, Oh Wonbin, Lee Jaejin and Choi Minhwan.

[Scan+Trans Credits: pandan+ying1005 (primanoona)]



oh my god. genius.

Popular Singapore Blogger Parody of Nobody – Wash Your Hands Too (H1N1 Virus)

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Ok, I wouldn’t exactly use the word parody, but.. I cant find the word which i want to use to express myself…!

credit: axis1019@youtube (video) , minseonye.wordpress.com


Comment from the YT page:
WGChristine (9 minutes ago)
WTF , use other video man not WG’s -.-

my sentiments exactly -,-
I dont think the video was done with the best interests of WG’s image at all. ( I mean, sure, the re-done lyrics were supposed to be funny, but..whoever made the video..)
the song as well.

But I must emphasize that mrbrownshow have done some funny shows before, so don’t say I’m a hater or anything..!

It’s just that i found the parody a bit.. distasteful.
edit: maybe distasteful is too wrong a word to use, but.. GAHH.


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sunmi saranghae~~


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[kyte.tv appKey=MarbachViewerEmbedded&uri=channels/284610&tbid=k_158&premium=false&height=445&width=425]

credit: Wondergirls Official MySpace & wgspectacle


The camera is.. a camera made for self cam. yep. easiest way to put it 😛

I think they’ll be updating their websites more often now!


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credit: wondergirls official youtube

This is from the wondergirls’ youtube channel, it shows 2PM telling you to support the Wondergirls, in order to take part in a SPECIAL EVENT.

Hint: Be a fan of the WONDERGIRLS on Facebook or Myspace NOW!

Though probably the only ‘special’ thing is that it’s for US-fans only.. 😦

Sunye and Yoobin looking at FANMADE PHOTOBOOK!

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reading spectacle's photobook!

reading spectacle's photobook!

Caption: Sunye and Yoobin are excited looking at the fan book american fans made for them. Yoobin is happy her picture came out good.

credit: wgspectacle.com


This is great, they received our stuff..! I hope they read through every one of our messages.. haha. and i really hope that there would be MORE NEWS REGARDING THIS PHOTOBOOK!
It’s really a compilation of wonderfuls’ love…!

The only thing i’m not too happy about is..
Omg… there are non-US fans like ME!!

ahhh… 괜찬나요..
I’m just content that they have received it and read it anyway 😀

[Photo] Sunye’s Selca

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[credits:  minseonye.wordpress.com]

Sunye’s message to Wonderfuls (2009.03.30)

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sunyes message

sunye's message

Wonderfuls that I love.. Thanks to your passionate love, interest, and cheers..!! The 1st Wonder, our first concert, was finished smoothly.
Truthfully, I still can’t believe it… haha… We just had a con..ce..rt, right?!! ^^
hahahaha.. The fact that we had a concert.. really.. We, having a career as singers, find it very meaningful and can’t explain how amazing that is..
Since our debut, we were really happy every moment hearing your chants while performing, but a concert.. somehow something was different!! haha. Because of your heat and continuous loud cheers, we didn’t get tired, and even as two hours passed by, were were able to go through it… Thank you so much for making every minute and every second memorable and unforgettable.. ^^
We actually decided to have the concert at Pensing(?) Stadium.. and I was worried whether or not we could fill up so many seats.. so to the people that came to see us.. it was a really unforgettable day.. to make the memories last a lifetime.. there were a lot of hardships along the way, but I think that’s why we were able to prepare and get ready with more energy..
Instead of always going a easy, wide, and flat path… going in a difficult, narrow, and bumpy path was more touching when we reached the destination.. and I think the value and worth was more honestly felt…
And that’s why I’m always thankful to God because He leads us to a wide path instead of a narrow one…
How great the power of the affirmation, “I can do it” is.. The way it helps me realize every time I feel like I’m going to faint/fall.. is only to be thankful for..
On March 28th, 2009, at Pensing(?) Stadium… thinking that people I love gathered together felt unbelievably like my heart was going to explode..
To everyone that always makes us precious memories and having faith in us… I really appreciate it..
I sincerely hope that on March 28th, 2009, it was not only ours, but everyone’s unforgettable day… ^^
I think love really shines the most and warmth is felt when it is expressed. I feel that as we receive your love/support, the only thing we can do for you is go to a bigger stage with our music..
I’m not alone.. we, 5 members, aren’t alone.. but my wish is to become one with you and always be able to smile together ^^
I love you Wonderfuls… ^^

credit: loveex3 , wgspectacle , minseonye.wordpress


[NEWS] Min Seonye First International English Forum

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The First English Forum For Min Seonye, Our Leader, Is Here.
Visit here: http://www.leadermin.com/forums/